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Cultivation & planting

Agriculture is our ancestors’ job. It is part of our nature and soul. Using our own products, reminds us our identity. We present happiness to our family and feasts by having roasted nuts and delicious dried fruits. We are going to share this happiness with you and invite you to try our products.
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Iran Pistachio

We are living in a country which has the most fertile soil for agriculture. Vast gardens of grains and nuts are our natural landscapes that any one walking through the farms would gaze at. 

Who we are

Pootar company was established in 1916 by deceased Mr. Aziz Hosseini in the name of Hosseini nuts and dried fruits .Then in 1956 Mr. Mohammad Hosseini helped to more development and in 1981 this company continued its activities as third generation. In 2012 by creating the name of brand-Pootar, it was extended in international fields and became successful to export its products to Asian and European countries. High quality and also suitable price was so effective in way of success.
Pistachio Benefits

Eating pistachio
living more healthy

in compared with the other nuts, pistachio has a little calorie it doesn`t have any cholesterol and the level of its saturated fat is very low

Our Products

in 4 types of pistachios

Akbari pistachio (long)

A,B,C Grades

Ahmad aghaei pistachio

A,B,C Grades

Fandoghi pistachio (round)

A,B,C Grades

Kaleh ghoochi pistachio (jumbo)

A,B,C Grades


Immediate production
Cultivating and producing pistachio in Iran, refers to 100 years ago, and it’s exported to almost all countries in the world. Annually pistachio harvesting in Iran is about 200 thousand tons; which about 80% is for export and 20% is for domestic consumption. Because of the stronger role of pistachio in exporting market, its price is determined by international factors. In addition to Kerman and Rafsanjan, pistachio cultivation is carried out in high quantity in Khorasan province .
Pistachio is often sold in bulk and merchants depending on their market and customers’ taste, process and pack it .our company by using modern machines according to the standards, presents different packages with high quality to the costumers.

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New Scientific Studies

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